Tradeshow Giveaway

Are you looking for a unique way to promote your business? Are you tired of giving out pens, coffee mugs and bags with your company’s logo on them? Perhaps it’s time to change it up a bit.

AdCloth provides you the opportunity to offer custom cleaning cloths with your message and branding. AdCloths are excellent tradeshow giveaways and a fantastic way to promote your business.

Benefits of AdCloths

If your business attends tradeshows often, what better way to promote your company than with a custom printed cleaning cloth? These tradeshow promotional giveaways are a practical and useful way to give your perspective clients your company’s information. Everyone uses cleaning cloths for their phone, tablet, glasses, etc. By adding your branding and custom image, every time they use the cloth, they will be reminded of your company.

AdCloth provides high quality custom cleaning cloths with excellent printing and fantastic graphics. Your custom artwork can be printed on both sides of the cloth so there is plenty of room for more promotional content. The AdCloth is a universal product that is very useful and an extremely practical tradeshow promotional giveaway. Your company will receive high visibility every time someone uses your AdCloth.

AdCloth Sizing

AdCloth provides two different sizes of cleaning cloths that have plenty of space to put your company’s custom branding. Many other promotional products don’t have the effective space to promote your message. While pens are useful, they have a small surface area, and therefore not much space for your company’s information.

AdCloth provides only the highest quality cloths that will last months with general use. Using AdCloth to promote your business is a great way to gain exposure. They are an excellent idea for tradeshow giveaways as they are practical and useful for everyone.

AdCloth = Exposure

If your business is looking to gain more exposure and become more visible in the public eye, using AdCloth’s custom promotional cloths is an excellent way to do so. Their large surface area provides plenty of room to promote your business, and the ability to provide custom artwork means you can create a unique message to target a specific audience. Providing company details along with an attractive ad or visuals is an excellent way to gain exposure for your company.

Every business person knows how much good exposure can help build your business. Let AdCloth create a custom promotional cloth for your tradeshow giveaway and watch your business grow!

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