Fabric Mobile Stand

Most people consume media on their smartphones today, and a durable mobile stand can make this easier. These stands prop the device up at the required angle so users can watch videos, read ebooks, browse different sites, etc. comfortably. There’s no need to hold their phone up for the entire duration of a movie.

We provide an optical fabric mobile stand that’s easy to use and clean, and small enough to fit into any bag or purse. As the stand is made from soft fabric, users don’t need to worry about it breaking during travel.

Businesses can print a custom design on these stands and give them away as promotional gifts. Our products are made from high-quality microfiber cloth and have a very print-friendly surface. We use the latest technology to saturate it with color. Your printed Fabric Phone Stand will look great and immediately stand out. Our fabric mobile stands are washable, so users can reuse them often.

These branded stands can be mailed or handed out at different events like product launches, conferences, trade shows, etc. You can add any design or text to the product. For example, some clients like to add their company name and logo while others prefer a simply decorated stand.

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