Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

A microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth is the perfect item for promotional campaigns. It is soft, lint-free, and thick, suitable for cleaning all kinds of delicate surfaces. It doesn’t scratch the surface, which makes this cloth ideal for surfaces like:

• Computer screens       • Phone screens       • Mirrors        • Tablets       • Eyeglasses        • Camera lenses       • Sunglasses

Our microfiber lens cleaning cloth removes all debris from the screen without a trace, including marks like stubborn fingerprints. That’s why this high-quality product is ideal for promotional campaigns. It is so effective that people will use it more often, which will help your brand get more exposure.

Microfiber cloth for glasses is available in two sizes; 6”x 6” and 7”x 7”. Customers can also choose between two different types of cloth. We offer Ultra HD and Premium Fiber microfiber cleaning cloths.

Every product can be custom printed according to your brand requirements. We use the latest technology to print vivid, colorful, and durable images on this cloth. You can provide beautifully branded promotional gifts to your customers this year. Both single-sided and double-sided printing is available. For example, you can print the company logo or mascot on one side and name on the other.

Our lens cloth with logo can be a great addition to any promotional campaign. You can gift these items to customers directly, with a product, or during an important event. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Direct Mail     • Tradeshow Giveaway     •  Invitation     • Event Sponsorship     • Product Launch     • Conference Map/Schedule     • Flyer/Brochure     • When you want/need to include a QR code that the end user will keep

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