Ultra HD AdCloths

The Ultra HD Cleaning cloth is designed to handle prints well. The microfiber absorbs all the colors and designs completely, which means the print doesn’t fade quickly despite regular use. People can use it for months without any fading in its print. Every fiber of our Ultra HD cleaning cloth is soaked through for the best results.

All colors and text stand out sharply in the decorated microfiber cloth. We use the latest printing technology to get the most vivid results.

The printed microfiber cloth is available in two different size options; 6”x 6” or 7”x 7”. Choose an option that can fit the design you want to put on it. For example, if you have a large, intricate design, 7”x 7” would be a better option. It is easy to fit a lot of information on the cloth’s surface.

You can choose a single or double-sided print based on the kind of impact you want to have on clients. Ultra HD cleaning cloths are a great promotional gift item because they are useful, vivid, affordable, and have a big impact on prospective clients. Businesses can easily mail them or share them at trade shows to gain more visibility for their brand.

These decorative cloths are ideal for promotional direct mail packages, trade show giveaways, invitations, product launches, conference schedules, etc.

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