Premium Fiber AdCloth

Our Premium Fiber cleaning cloth offers all the advantages of the Ultra HD cloth, but with the additional benefit of denser fibers. This cloth is thicker, more durable, and feels more luxurious in your hand. You can use them repeatedly without seeing any distinctive wear. Our premium fiber cloths also handle printing well, with a thicker material that is more absorbent, and this allows us to saturate it with colors.

The thicker surface has a higher density of microfibers so it can pick up all kinds of debris easily. That’s why the Premium Fiber cloth is ideal for optical cleaning. It will remove fingerprints, grease stains, water stains, dust, grime, and everything else effortlessly.

All of our microfiber cloths are entirely customizable. You can add company logos, names, contact details, slogans, mascots, or other such related information to the product. We offer 6”x 6” and 7”x 7” sizes to our customers.

These decorative cloths are ideal for promotional direct mail packages, trade show giveaways, invitations, conference schedules, product launches, etc. Our cloths provide a lot of brand exposure for a minimal cost. Our Premium Fiber cloth is very durable, which means prospective customers will use them for months before discarding them. Few other promotional materials have that level of impact.

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