Is your company looking to grow and expand, but doesn’t know where to begin? At a loss for how to get invitations out there and increase the flow of traffic on your site or in your store? AdCloth is exactly what you are looking for. Create customized invitational cleaning cloths to promote your company and invite clients to visit your website or store. Give your clients a unique and useful gift that will help promote your business at the same time.

What is AdCloth?

AdCloth is a company that creates customized microfiber cleaning cloths for other businesses. We allow you to design your own high quality printed microfiber cleaning cloths which make the perfect gift for existing and potential clients. They can include your company logo, contact information, and more.

The cleaning cloths have a large and clear print area which makes them perfect for showcasing all that your company has to offer. The high quality printing technique provides clearer, sharper images which are sure to stand out.

Use AdCloth as an invitation.

If you are looking to create more traffic on your website or in your store, then AdCloth’s personalized cleaning cloths are sure to do the trick. They are versatile and very practical and make excellent gifts for your company’s clients. By designing AdCloths that have your company’s personal information on them, you are sure to create more website and foot traffic for your business.

A customized invitation microfiber cloth is a unique way to ensure that your company will get noticed. By using them to invite your existing and potential clients to visit your website or location, you are creating more awareness of your product which will, in turn, create more business. It is a win-win!

If you are looking to amp up your advertising and create more traffic for your website and store, then a business invitation cloth is just what you need. They are a practical and unique way to ensure that your company will get noticed and a great way to create more business. What are you waiting for? Your clients’ invitation awaits!

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