Direct Mail Promotional Products

Traditional marketing campaigns like direct mail campaigns, promotional products, and branded items are beneficial. They deliver high ROI with very little investment, which is why they are still popular in this age of digital marketing.

At AdCloth, we encourage clients to consider direct mail promotional products. Our customizable microfiber cleaning cloth is the ideal solution for these campaigns. Here are some reasons why they are an excellent fit for any business:

Compact and Lightweight

Our microfiber cloth is compact and lightweight. You can quickly ship it to any destination at a minimal cost. The cloth can also be shipped along with products or regular promotional newsletters; it is that compact. If you’re looking for excellent quality direct mail promotional items that are also easy to ship, our cleaning cloth is the best fit.


Promotional items need to showcase your brand effectively. Our mail marketing promotional cloth provides a clean and practical surface for branding. We can print your logo, company name, contact information, and other such information on it. Just provide us with your vectorized artwork and we will use the latest printing technology to ensure your logo stands out. Our printed details don’t fade quickly, so your target audience can use the cloth regularly without losing the detail.

Different Options

We provide different sizes and texture combinations to clients. You can choose between our Ultra HD or Premium Fiber cloth. The Ultra HD cloth retains print extremely well and is available in two different sizes. The ink sinks into the fabric, which ensures it will last for a very long time. Our Premium Fiber cloth is made from a thicker material that is incredibly durable. The printing technology is the same for the Ultra HD cloth, which means the print will be vibrant and clear.

High Visibility

A cleaning cloth is a highly useful item. People can clean glasses or sunglasses, phone screens, camera lenses, laptop screens, etc. with our direct mail promotional cloth. This means your target will see your branding images regularly and if they need the services you offer, they’ll know exactly who to contact.

Using our direct mail promotional items are very beneficial and can be a great addition to your marketing endeavors. Our high quality cleaning cloths are durable, well made, and will help you build an excellent reputation.

If you want to know more about AdCloth or the products we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can use our Contact Us form or call us directly at 1-888-958-5038.