Conference Map/Schedule

AdCloth is a perfect way to to draw traffic to your tradeshow or conference. This microfiber cleaning cloth is soft, portable, safe and versatile. It is the ideal promotion for attendees at your next event. Print a map on your AdCloth to your tradeshow booth or the details of your next conference, drawing more people to where you want them to be.

AdCloth as a Conference Map

Tradeshows can be large and over-whelming. Use AdCloth to print a detailed conference map that shows exactly where your booth is located, along with the details of your company. Hand out the promotional cloth prior to the event as an invitation to announce when and where it will be, or hand it out during the event itself.

Your prospective clients will receive a conference microfiber cleaning cloth that is useful to their everyday lives, and you will achieve something that most businesses struggle with: providing a promotional product that will be used and seen daily. The more your message is seen, the more it will be remembered.

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AdCloth as a Conference Schedule

Grab the attention of your participants by using AdCloth as a conference schedule. It’s easy to customize the design for your next events, and your clients will know exactly where they are supposed to be, and when.

Use a simple logo or create a more complex image. Whatever you choose, your design will be showcased in a full colour, full bleed, edge to edge layout. The high quality image and fabric provides a lasting impression and targets your audience for your next campaign.

Using AdCloth microfiber cleaning cloths as a conference map or schedule is an excellent and unique idea. Your conference attendees will love them. More importantly, they will use them to visit the events you have meticulously planned, as well as every day after that.

AdCloth is custom made for each business. You decide what images and information you want to showcase. You decide the size and the fabric. You decide how you want to represent your company to your clients. Provide them with something as useful and re-usable as a microfiber cleaning cloth, and enjoy the results!

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