Market your brand in full color with a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Promotional gifts can help a business establish a strong brand presence.

Companies gift their clients, associates, and employees with items like coffee mugs, bags, pens, writing pads, etc. At AdCloth, we encourage clients to consider custom cleaning cloths. These items are useful, reliable, durable, and affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for promotional campaigns. 

Benefits of Screen Cleaning Cloths

Almost everyone uses a screen cleaning cloth for cleaning their glasses, phone screens, smartwatches, sunglasses, and other such items. A good-quality cleaning cloth is often used repeatedly and kept in a person’s wallet or bag. As business owners, you know how valuable this level of exposure can be. Here’s a look at some of the benefits:

Great for cleaning:

Large and Clear Print Area

AdCloth products come in different sizes and have a large surface area, which means there’s enough space on the product to showcase your logo or company name clearly. Few other promotional items offer such an effective surface. For example, pens are useful, but it isn’t very easy to showcase a company’s logo clearly on them.

Our cloth provides enough room for different kinds of promotional content. You can even print an ad as well as contact information, such as phone number, website, email address and more.

End Users Keep Them

AdCloth products are universal, and most users keep them until they are damaged. An optical cloth can be used for different purposes like wiping television screens, tablets, computer screens, windshields, etc. It’s common for people to hoard these and place them in various areas of their home or office.

Brands can get a lot of visibility by printing their logo or promotional content on cleaning cloths because they have such a universal appeal.

Excellent Quality Printing

We tried several colors and printing technologies before settling on something that could stand the test of time. Our printing technique provides sharper and brighter images with vivid colors. You get excellent images on both sides of the cloth, which means there’s more space for promotional content.

A good-quality printed optical lens cloth can last for several months if people use it carefully. We use the best printing technology to ensure the color and design on the cloth remains vivid for a long time.

Where can you use AdCloth?

Our lens cloth with logo can be a great addition to any promotional campaign. You can gift these items to customers directly, with a product, or during an important event. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Product launch
  • Conference map/schedule
  • Flyer/brochure
  • When you want or need to include a QR code that the end user will keep

AdCloth provides more ROI than other forms of promotional items like postcards, pens, notebooks, and water bottles.

If you want to know more about our product or have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at AdCloth. You can use our Contact Us form or call directly at 1-888-958-5038.


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